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The Law Spot – Connected Kids
Young people, parents and schools

Funded by the Law Foundation of South Australia, this 2009 series is still remarkably relevant, as young people, parents and schools continue to adapt to changing technology in our society. As well as looking at rights and responsibilities of students, parents and schools, this series takes a close look at internet safety, cyber-bullying and also of course at the many positives for our connected kids in this digital age.

Please note
As this series was produced in 2009, please take this program content as general information only. Examples given, while correct at the time of broadcast, may have been affected by changes to the law since then. Unless otherwise stated, examples relate to the situation in South Australia only. Please check details in your own state or territory.

Two selected/sample programs from this award-winning series

Program 7 – So what is cyber-bullying?
Michael O’Connell, Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, Attorney General’s Department, Government of South Australia
Dr Matthew Sorell, Senior Lecturer in Telecommunications and Multimedia Engineering, The University of Adelaide
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Dr Matthew Sorell, The University of Adelaide

Dr Matthew Sorell, The University of Adelaide

Program 8 – Think before you hit the send button!
Senior Constable First Class Michael Schooley, Crime Prevention Officer, South Australia Police
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Production Team
Series Producer/Presenter – Tony Ryan, PBA FM, Adelaide
Writer Study Guides – Dr Greg Carey, Flinders University