Living Outback

Living Outback
Issues for rural and remote communities in Australia

Rural and remote communities are at the centre of the mythology and cultural ethos of Australia. Most of us have indulged nostalgic and sentimental thoughts of the outback and life in the bush – helped along perhaps by a film we’ve seen. But the reality of life for many people in rural and remote Australia is quite another story – and one that needs to be told.

Funded by the Community Broadcasting Foundation, the 15-episode series Living Outback was produced at PBA FM in Adelaide, and broadcast in 2013 on PBA FM and on the Community Radio Network.

The Living Outback website was one of four finalists in the New Media Initiatives category of the Community Broadcasting Association ( Annual Media Awards, announced at the National Conference in Sydney in mid-November 2013. Here are two sample programs from this award-winning project:

Program 8 – Hard Working and Hard Drinking
How alcohol has become the silent killer of rural families
Podcast – Listen Now
Study Guide

Program 9  – Shattered Lives
The tragedy and legacy of male suicide in rural and remote Australia
Podcast – Listen Now
Study Guide

Production Team
Project Consultant – Dr John Ashfield
Producer/Presenter – Tony Ryan

Tony Ryan –

Glowing Vision
Photographer is Joanne O’Keeffe (Queensland)

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