In Search of a Good Death


In Search of a Good Death


In Search of a Good Death
Palliative care, comfort and meaning at life’s end

This matter of dying is an important aspect of life that will inevitably visit each of us. However, as a western culture we have done remarkably well to deny death’s existence. This is often evident even when someone is close to death.

So how do we get beyond a Pills and Platitudes approach as life draws to a close, and find better ways of providing care, comfort and meaning at the end of life? In Search of a Good Death explored current questions and issues in the palliative care and support of those who are dying and their families, and sought to discover the best of what can be done in response to the human experience of suffering, facing death and issues of end of life.

Produced with support from the Community Broadcasting FoundationIn Search of a Good Death was an 18-part radio series, broadcast in 2014 on PBA FM in Adelaide and on the Community Radio Network.

Award-Winning Program
In July 2014, Program 10 in this series – Life Tipped Upside Down: Kate’s Story – won a very welcome media award in the 2014 Archbishop of Adelaide Media Awards, thanks to the very moving contribution of three excellent interviewees. For details of the award, and the judges’ comments on all of the winning entries, please go to the CBAA website.

This program was also a finalist in the New Talks Programs category of the Media Awards at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia National Conference, held in Adelaide in November 2014.

Program 10
Life turned upside down!
Kate’s Story
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Production Team
Project Consultant: Dr John Ashfield
Producer/presenter: Tony Ryan
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This webpage contains a summary of all twelve programs in this series, along with links to podcasts and study guides. Missing podcasts will be added as soon as possible.