New Male Studies


New Male Studies


Thanks to the Editor of the online open access journal New Male Studies Dr Miles Groth (Wagner College, Staten Island, New York), and also to Dr John Ashfield (Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies, Adelaide, South Australia) for permission to include these podcasts on this website.

Interviews with contributors in Canada and the USA were recorded using Skype; interviews are available here as mp3 podcasts.

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NEW MALE STUDIES, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2012.
Misandry and Emptiness: Masculine Identity in a Toxic Cultural Environment
Paul Nathanson, Katherine K. Young
Podcast Duration 21? 36?

Towards an Integrated Perspective on Gender, Masculinity, and Manhood
John A. Ashfield
Podcast Part 1 Duration 21’ 16”
Podcast Part 2 Duration 10’ 48”

The Bold, Independent Woman of Today and the “Good” Men and Boys in Her Life: A Sampling of Mainstream Media Representations
Peter Allemano
Podcast Duration 17’ 27”

Moral Panic: Male Studies and the Spectre of Denial
Robert A. Kenedy
Podcast Duration 17? 42?

But Are the Kids Really All Right? Egalitarian Rhetoric, Legal Theory and Fathers
Katherine K. Young, Paul Nathanson
Podcast Duration 20’ 58”

Meeting Men: Male Intimacy and College Men Centres
Miles Groth
Podcast Part 1 Duration 22’ 35”
Podcast Part 2 Duration 28” 48”

Manliness, Gentlemanliness, and the Manhood Question in George Eliot’s Adam Bede
Dennis Gouws
Podcast Duration 15’ 28”

Boaz Behaving Badly
Malina Saval
Podcast Duration 26’ 44”

NEW MALE STUDIES, Volume 1, Issue 2, (2012)
Health Status and Behaviours of Australian Farming Men
Stuart Wilder and Susan Brumby
Podcast / Duration – coming soon

Parental Alienation of an Outcome of Paternal Discrimination
Joep Zander
Podcast / Duration – coming soon

NEW MALE STUDIES, Volume 2, Issue 1 (2013)
Perceptions of Sex and Sexual Health Among College Men
Joseph Campo
Podcast / Duration – coming soon

The Completely Unregulated Practice of Male Circumcision: Human rights Abuse Enshrined in Law?
John V Geisheker
Podcast / Duration – coming soon




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